Sunday, July 04, 2004

the genesis of the idea for the blog

New Orleans is the most charming city I know, but it has been careless and has inadvertently created a sub-culture of neglected children. I'm sure I will be taken to task for making such an assertion, but that's how I see it, and anyway, it's my party, and I'll assert if I want to. As it were. A year ago we hired a new school superintendent with passion whose name is Tony Amato. He put out a call for help. I decided he was talking to me. So I quit my plum 12 year teaching job in an uppermiddleclasswhiteflightsuburbanschool, no insult meant there, that's just the reality of it, and took him up on his call. Some great teachers from my old school, teachers who really care about children, wanted me to keep them up to date on how things go for me and for my new school so I'm going to keep track of the experience by writing a blog about it.
I dedicate this blog to the beautiful teachers and children at Mandeville High School and thank them for raising me and for loving me.
Melanie Plesh


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