Tuesday, July 27, 2004

proceeding toward the first day, part one

Today at Tulane and North Broad I got fingerprinted and had my history with the police checked. A fellow new teacher was behind me waiting his turn, and he said, "How'd you get here before me?" and I said, "I drive fast." At the moment of this little exchange a big policewoman had my inked fingers in her plastic-gloved hand.
She let me go with a warning.
I'm feeling overwhelmed. I still don't have a school, though I know I'm hired. But not having a school means I don't know whether to be sitting around imagining and preparing myself for the next 9 months with 12 year olds or 18 year olds. It's strange that having too little dependable information in my life makes me feel like my life is full of too much. Odd or not, the complication has inspired me to create a new regimen. I am disposing of two things per day. So far I've disposed of: 4 items of clothing, my old Nikkormat camera, an original watercolor painting of a clown (I hate clowns), a stupid picture frame, and two vases. I decided it's bad for my spiritual well-being to have more vases than flowers. It's starting to get hard to find things I can live without, but it's good for me. I want to whittle things down to the simple. The clutter is killing me.
Melanie Plesh


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