Monday, August 16, 2004

chalk boards

# 219 is a beautiful, tall-ceilinged, wooden-floored, airy, well-lit room with black chalk boards. There's much old chalk dust embedded in the chalk trays. A friend of mine graduated from this school in the 60's, when it was called Francis Nichols High School, and I wonder if any of the embedded dust came from erased lessons for her.
It was a good day. This morning we had to endure an inservice on the GLE, the meaning of which I cannot remember, and how to attune our lessons to the standards and benchmarks. I know that what occurs in classes of good teachers almost always automatically addresses the standards, but I don't think the teachers trust themselves that much. They're innocent in this way. They're not innocent in the ways of the world perhaps, but they are in regard to their teaching, which tells me that they want to be good for their students. I fell in love a little bit with them today. I got a glimpse of their sweetness and softness. And I recognize love in them.
The head custodian is a very handsome and clearly a capable man. I asked him if he could think of a place where I could lock my bicycle inside the building and he told me to check with him tomorrow, that he will find a place safe and that I can access.
A pint of Mona's hummus is $5.99 and a bag of pita bread is $.99. I think I will make lunch of this for a week at a time. I think I won't have time for the cafeteria.
I'm thinking that I'll take the doors off my room and have the broken panes re-glazed. Or even cooler, learn how to glaze them myself.
The children come Thursday. I am so happy.

Disposed of: a pirate flag, a kite shaped like a skunk, two cookbooks, three necklaces

Melanie Plesh


Blogger Makenzi said...

the dust of generations is hard to erase in a variety of ways and situations. good luck with this.

please tell me that when you say 'disposed of' you mean 'gave the pirate flag to makenzi. because she's a freak and loves them.' or something akin to it.

what you're doing is incredible. who you are is incredible. knowing you is, has been, will be incredible.

keep up the good work, melanie anne plesh. je t'adore.

3:53 PM  

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