Thursday, August 19, 2004

the children arrive

I still don't have a key and when the office called the head custodian to open my room he stood next to me and said, "She gonna have to wait," like I wasn't even standing there. My blood boiled. All I want is to get into my classroom so I can start being a teacher. That's all. And if they can't get it together to get me a key then they'll have to put up with me asking every flipping day. But it's a very bad way to start the year, getting the head custodian mad at me. Oh well. As I keep saying, I'm not there to make friends.
A cop strolling the hall stopped by my room and introduced himself and shook my hand. Between classes it's raucous. Kids circle the entire second floor, looking for friends, over and over. I get it. Boys wear their shirts out until a teacher says to tuck it in, which he does until he moves away down the hall, then he pulls it out again. Same song, different verse. Just like MHS.
We're on the 4 by 4 block schedule so I have only 3 classes (the fourth is planning), each 90 minutes long. I think it's a great arrangement. During first period a girl, B.J., tried to get in my face a little. I can see that she's one of those people who will either get my back or stab me in it. It'll be okay.
I'm teaching American literature and writing. I think I'll have students add words that are regularly used in writing about America to a list on the board and after we get a bunch of them use the words to write poems. Like found poetry. I started the list with the word hubris.
The kids are kids. Precious. Willing. Curious about me. Whenever I make a comment that is strictly my opinion I preface it with, "this is Melanie Anne Plesh speaking," and that absolutely cracked up the girls in third period. Now they're calling me Melanie Anne Plesh, even in the hall. I love it.

Disposed of: a salt shaker and a paintbrush

Melanie Plesh


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