Thursday, August 12, 2004

fallacial thinking

I had a conversation with a fellow teacher today about the fallaciousness in thinking that it's enough for a good teacher just to close her door and do her thing, like I do. It's not enough. We have to make noise when we see injustice, too. We have to be children's advocates whenever and wherever it's called for.
We also talked about the slave mentality. Are we all victims of the slave mentality? And who is the master?

Disposed of: three, ahem, undergarments

Melanie Plesh


Blogger Clay said...

You can always spot the most effective masters: thier slaves don't realize that they ARE slaves.

One's greatest master is ....oneself. The limitations we (often subconsciously) place on ourselves are incredibly powerful and, ironically, the ones we have the most control over.

3:55 PM  

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