Tuesday, August 17, 2004

on today

Today is really today and I have now caught up with my handwritten journal entries. From now on, today will no longer be reported in retrospect. Hmm.
It's a southern thing or maybe a black southern thing when people say something like, "On tomorrow we will..." or, "we had a meeting on last Tuesday..." I need to talk with a linguist about that. Fortunately, I know one.
The FDHS administration asked for us to make nice bulletin boards, oh yeah, my specialty, and so I taped my maps of Spain and the Alps and India and America up on some of the blackboard space (the blackboard space being three whole walls of the room, the fourth whole wall being windows opening onto a gravel and tar roof where the modernization of FD manifests in the form of huge blocks of air conditioning units and simple green-tainted metal tents capped with spinning vents), and also taped up my Tupac photograph with the tattoo PLESH superimposed in an arc across his belly. A gift from a student named Alex. Also taped up the two rabbits. I'll figure out how to add pictures to this blog and then you'll see what I mean. It's probably the funniest thing I've ever seen.
Assistant principals need to be assertive, otherwise they get eaten up by the faculty.
I think any principal who would accept this job must be very brave.
Just as I was about to publish this post my friend Clay telephoned. He told me, among other things, that I should research what's being done to effect change at other school systems in the world, and that I should think of myself as a customer. This is a fat, fruit-bearing seed.
Meanwhile, I continue to fall in love with the faculty.

Disposed of: a blue nylon bag and a broken lamp assembly

Melanie Plesh


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