Thursday, August 05, 2004

proceeding, part three

2 August
At the first meeting of New Orleans Public School induction week. Started off with a Christian prayer and now Cheryl Mills, president of the school board, is speaking. Hardly anyone applauded her. And her words are empty. Now Dr Rosyln Smith, my specific area superintendent, is speaking, says we have to learn our students' ways and they have to learn ours. That we have to celebrate who the children are.

Now Dr Calvin Mackie, engineer, rags to riches story, product of NO public schools. He's a great speaker. Here are the notes I jotted while he was speaking:

- 80% of slaves in America came from Ghana
- 50-75 million Africans died during slave time
- "You can't get caught up in the foolishness."
- "...their hope, their faith, is tied up in you."
- "If the politicians would do their job...and the police do their job..."
- "All of us were created with different talents."
- when curriculum specialists tell us how to do our jobs every minute, they could just hire robots.
- "This is not job training, this is education."
- he calls it a broken paradigm that going to school to get an education will allow students to make money because there's more money to be had on the street
- he says the purpose of education is not to fill the bucket but to light a fire
- "We have to bring wisdom back to education."
- "People who know better gotta do better."
- "Who pimped your momma?"
- "Challenge them where they are and bring them where we want them to go."
- "Ignorant means you just don't know. Stupid means there's no hope for you."

3 August
Bagels, soft cream cheese, good coffee.
Some workshops are not enough for new teachers but way more than experienced teachers need. They need to find a balance. But I'm impressed by how not shoddy this week has been so far, and very professional. I'm impressed with everything from the Teaching Fellows interview in May to the meeting with the principal of the school at which I hope to teach, to the Fellows training, to this new teacher induction. Hope the quality lasts. I told the lady who did the 504 workshop just where I was hoping to teach and she said the school has a bad reputation but it has some great kids. That's what I gather from everything I come across. I can't wait to get to my room and just sit there and feel it.
Everything has changed.
New workshop on First Things First school reform training. This woman is lecturing and has the attention of about 20% of the audience. She's a teacher. She ought to know better.

Disposed of: rolling pin, pot gripper, three shirts, a small jar of hair, the pile of "important" things on the kitchen chair, a bag of candy

Melanie Plesh


Anonymous Lili said...

Heh I know this is like an oooold post but I decided to read a couple random posts and this is the one I ended up looking at.

"We have to bring wisdom back to education."

I completely agree. It makes me mad how we spend so much time learning about pointless things in school because we MIGHT just MAYBE decide to work in that general area. Education isn't just about the facts. Otherwise we would just read books. Teachers shouldn't be there just to tell us what to do. They're there to teach us things that maybe an inanimate object can't teach. Life lessons. Values. Sure- parents are supposed to teach that, but they don't always do so, and maybe nobody taught them. Plus, we tend to not listen to our parents, don't we? I wrote this long thing about this and other things once on my livejournal. Heh, in case you haven't noticed, I'm pretty deep and.. philosophical.

3:50 PM  

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