Monday, August 30, 2004

send the clowns away

A great thing happened today.
Our school is infamous for its hallwalkers during classes. How they get there, where they're supposed to be, all those questions, we don't know the answers to. They just exist. And they roam in packs and make terrible noise and come to our classroom doors and try to distract the students inside and if your door is unlocked, as I've written in this blog before, they just walk in. It really is a phenomenon and utterly irrational. (Tim, my son, says they're like the brigands of the 1600's). However, today, after I'd just given a class the spiel about journal keeping and the time is theirs and here's a chance to think their own thoughts, etc., we were writing in our journals. The word was "identity." The clowns came to the door and made all their noise, including trying to get someone inside to open the door. A few of us looked up but then went back to our writing. WE IGNORED THEM AND THEY WENT AWAY! After we finished writing I congratulated those people in class for not letting the clowns steal them away from their thoughts. They understood.

Disposed of: a roll of Nascar wrapping paper and a six-pack of curlable ribbon.

Melanie Plesh


Blogger dancingspirit said...

Hi Mel, I love reading your blog, I think it's a great idea. I wanted to comment on yesterday's posting but got sidetracked on trying to create my own blog, then ran out of time. I don't think mine worked so need to get it finished. One of my written in blood goals, which is set to begin tomorrow is to resume writing daily and this is a great way to do it. Dancingspirit is my name I use lots of places for login etc., aka Patsy K. from SLWP this summer :).

6:01 AM  

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