Sunday, October 03, 2004


It's Sunday. This afternoon I took a walk to go see the German parade in the quarter (kicking off Oktoberfest) but was late and missed it. Those on-time Germans. I was careless. On the way home, as a consolation, I stopped at Flora Savage on Royal Street and bought two stems (three blooms each) of some big white lily named after a volcano, I think, or possibly a city in Rome. It starts with "P." My memory is shot. I'm 51 years old, as I may have mentioned before. I love this florist because she has such gorgeous semi-exotic flowers and she wraps each purchase, even if it's just one two-dollar stem, in tissue paper and ties it with a ribbon. Today she tied mine with a purple ribbon. When I got home and unwrapped the lilies and put them in water I got a good look at that ribbon, and it made me think about that girl in my third period class, R, the girl who sings and dances, the girl who lost her mother, the girl who still believes in love and writes about it and reads about it every day in our class, and I thought it was a beautiful color and I put it in my bag to bring to her.

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I thought of Lilies of the Field and this maid I had in England named Lily because all the sisters were named after flowers. But what I wanted to comment on really are the two entries below. First, any teacher who doesn't learn from her students doesn't deserve to have the privilege of teaching them. Secondly, I agree with Richard (we didn't always, but most times we did as you know) in that I don't care for Bryant's poem either, but I think the dilemna you were addressing was whether to introduce something painful to people who have great pain in their lives. Remember our sharing of the deaths of our mothers. Hearing about your pain didn't make mine worse, rather it gave us both more understanding and unity that was healing. Besides these kids feel pain whether they listen to a poem about it or not. You can't avoid truth. You never have, and I know you never will. You make me miss teaching so much!!! Maybe I can beg my job back someday.

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