Friday, October 22, 2004

some answers

A lot of people are making comments and asking questions in responses to the blogs. I think I would like to institute something here which is to copy some of the responses into the main text of the blog. So I will begin with the questions of an Ancient Mariner, thrown against her will into the spotlight, she who calls herself anonymous:

Anonymous said...
But, what I don't understand is that no one mentioned frying pancakes in bacon drippings. What's wrong with those kids?? And definitely, the crunchy edges are the best.

We had gumbo at MHS today. How is the food at your school?

The food. I hate to appear to betray my school, but the food is dreck. It costs teachers $2.25. However we do get extra portions. However again, that's extra portions of DRECK. Causes very mixed understanding of what a gift really is.

You haven't mentioned it. Do you have duty?

Not exactly. We have hall duty and big spaces duty, but nothing like any other place I've ever worked. Our lunch periods are our own, as are our mornings and afternoons. They ask us to be in the halls between classes, and I always am (which is when I get pushed around and cussed at). However (I'll be struck down for saying this) that perhaps is part of the reason we have such chaos. However again, I think it's a way for teachers to be relieved of stress. However yet again, I watched Lean On Me last night and think perhaps we shrink from confrontation. (I know I do.)

I taught the Greek creation story today..the one where Cronus eats his kids and Zeus makes him vomit them all up. Kids love that story. Do your kids know it? I'd love to hear their reaction!

I'm going to lay it on them and I'll definitely let you know how they respond. I bet they'll have some very serious comments to make, and the comments will be surprising and hard at first to understand, but in the end they will have illuminated the story in a way I'd never thought of before. I'm not just flinging rhetoric here. They really do see things in ways I'm not in on. I am as much of a student as they are. But don't tell them that. That would probably make them feel cheated.

"Yo vanilla, kick it one time, Boyzzzzzzzzzzzz." I have no idea what that means. Do you think your kids might translate. Someone told me that "Yo vanilla" refers to a white person.

Laura said, "I can't believe I'm doing this, but..."Yo Vanilla" refers to the song artist, Vanilla Ice (responsible for that oh so talented rendition of "Ice, Ice, Baby," that recycled media channels like VH1 and high school dances alike are so fond of), and I believe in most versions of the song the entire phrase "Yo Vanilla, kick it on time boooooy" can be heard in the opening moments.The phrase "kick it" is sometimes applied in musical situations to mean "to perform especially well", and in some cases this includes improvisation. "Kick it" in other contexts can mean "to relax" or "hang out," or "to (attempt to or actually) keep intimate company with" ("try to get with") someone. However, obviously only the first definition is applicable here.And "boy" is just a generic term of endearment/alliance/address.

What are your kids saying about the election? Are they interested?

They talk about it every day. They're angry. They're almost unanimously for John Kerry. Of course, voices are so raised that the quiet ones who may be Bush supporters could be loathe to comment. One of my students brought me her voter registration card and asked me where she's supposed to vote, and what all the information on the card means. I felt very honored about this, though if she only knew how very stupid I am in some things...
We talk often about Bush and Kerry, though not because I intend it. They just want to. It's the ripest place in the world for a social studies teacher.

Thank you for participating in this with me.



Blogger dancingspirit said...

Mel, where've you been girl? I'm missing you again on here. Check out my message on the innocence post. Take care. Patsy

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