Friday, October 22, 2004


It turns out that the third class was sent to me yesterday by mistake. So today was much quieter and I got to work individually with a few students, grade a few papers, and have a few conversations. Had a few come in from the hall. The student who gave me a hard time day before yesterday, whom my friend "removed" from the class for me, came to my door to ask me for a bus ticket. Yeah, right. And then that mean guy who told me to open the fucking door and then pushed past me asked me if he could sit in my class. I would have let him, maybe it would have been a chance for me to become a real person for him (and him for me, I realize), but he was running away from something or someone and I didn't want to be party to it. Anyway, he might have been tricking me.
People have been talking about the fact that our school's enrollment numbers may be too small to support the number of teachers we have. They're talking about how some teachers will have to be "surplussed," which means sent somewhere else. I'm probably the lowest person on the staff -- no time in Orleans at all. Well, two months. So I have this fear, though the possibility of it seems unconscionable to me, that I will be transferred. After all this. The thought doesn't fit in my mind. I caught the principal and the assistant principal in the hall today and told them both that I don't want to leave. The assistant principal, who is very kind, said I shouldn't question new doors that open, which is what I say all the time to people, and the principal led me to believe that I shouldn't worry about it. I know Ms W is right, but I feel so much that Douglass is my school, and that I've begun to make some connections, and that it would be a downright shame if my students were to lose a teacher in midstream.
Anyway, there it is. Something else to keep me up at night.



Blogger TamiM said...

MORE chaos...

3:52 PM  
Blogger Nancy McKeand said...

Wasn't there something in your horoscope last week about the beginning of the end of something you love to hate????? Let's hope it doesn't happen, but then again, everything is for a reason. So who knows?

7:23 PM  
Blogger Ilsa said...

I have tried several times to use the blog address sent out to everyone in Skipperdom, but was unable to find you until today when someone else forwarded a quote from your blog to me. YEAH!!! I wish I had more time to respond to so much that I've seen & read here. It's like Up the Down Staircase (How do you underline & use quotes here?) or something. But tonight, it's homework w/ my kids & grading papers & all the other miscellaneous mundane chores & tasks necessary to maintain some semblance of order here. I'll be back!!!!!

7:02 PM  

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