Friday, October 01, 2004


In this setting with these profoundly alive people, I am afraid sometimes, because I know that everything registers, and that our classroom is not the street or the project or the neighborhood, not even the halls of a school, but a place where something real can take place, something calm and deep and tender and loving and spiritual and hopeful and dear. And they are aware of every word and movement. And they're watching me, I can feel it, still testing me, but also getting a little feeling that maybe there's something special for them in the classroom, They want there to be, and I often fear I'm not great enough for the job. I'm afraid of that. Because I'm finding out that these are not people who are low achieving and dull, ones that I am to go down to help them rise, but that they're brilliant and rich, and above this judgemental and stupid society, and above me. They're above. The job is not for me to reach down and pull them up but for me to rise and meet them there and say that I see them and help them find words to say where they are and who they are and what they see and know. God has given them something, perhaps to compensate for the harshness they have to bear every day of their lives. God has given them a profundity I cannot even fathom. I love them. My life has changed. I'm the student now.



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I love you.

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