Sunday, November 28, 2004

four weeks more

The blog site is having gas or something lately. Growing pains perhaps.
It's Sunday night. I have much on my mind but the predominant thing is that I have four weeks with my students left. That's all. Four weeks. It feels like so much has just begun to happen. Now all I can think about is, excuse me but, fuck the do nows and the posted objectives and the evidence of student work on the wall and the filled out form forty-fours and the lesson plans designed according to standards and gle's. That's harsh. But I'm not deleting it. This holiday has been good for me. Really good. It gave me a chance to catch up with myself and feel what's happening in my life, and I am filled with thoughts and emotions about my students and who they are and their beauty and that I love them, and that I want these last several weeks to mean something. This all has suddenly become real for my heart and not just a subject to conjecture about. The girl who said I'm the first white woman she's ever known, I don't want to quit knowing her. We're not done with each other. I don't want them to go.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am feeling similar in terms of not wanting to/ yet really thrilled about graduating college in three weeks. It is like I am ready to move on and grow up, but I so much want to hang on to this forever. I guess we have to live and let go... even though we don't want to... but we can always hold on in our hearts.

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