Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I like gray

Things are going well. Today the children put up much less of a fight when I told them about the leap they'd have to take on their own from texts and notes to thesis and direction than I'd expected. One of my students told me she likes having the chance to think. Something like that. When she told me this, it was hard for me to contain myself and carry on, but of course I did. Have to stay cool. Like Rockin' Dopsie says.
There's a girl who last week asked me how fast my hair grew and someone said that's a stupid thing to ask and she said, "I've never known a white woman before." This is the same girl who yesterday went a little crazy and accused me of being racist when I gave her back something she'd "written" which was actually just something she'd "copied" out of an encyclopedia. Another student jumped all over her and defended me. The girl, the one who accused me of being racist, today said, "I'm getting a schedule change," and then a little while later said, "Are you teaching English IV next year?" Because she said she wants to be in my class. So damn, what's a girl to believe? Actually, I know what to believe.
I was an idiot yesterday and, once again, took a fourth period class to cover. It was ridiculous. And once again, I vow...



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