Tuesday, December 14, 2004

duct tape isn't as tough as we think

Several people today expressed surprise that I'd taken the day off yesterday. I had to explain myself quite a few times.
At lunch, finally, someone busted through the duct tape on the former pane of glass in my door and opened it and did something slightly mean in my room. Only slightly mean. Actually, all they did was move my desk a bit and push about a third of my things off my desk. Several things of value were in the room (I wasn't thinking when I left for lunch), but nothing was stolen. I think these were just hall thugs who broke into my room to show me they could. Actually, I don't think it was about me at all. The students who know me will not like this, just like they didn't like it when my photograph of Tupac was stolen. I know that the kids will have to kowtow to each other more than they have to to me, but I also know that that is just what has to be. I'm not upset at all.
We read an excerpt from Black Boy, by Richard Wright, today.



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