Thursday, December 09, 2004

in the morning light

I'm still mad, but not as much. Maybe I will try the poetry again. But not today. Ironically, the teacher who observed my class yesterday wrote me an email and told me she loved the class and how moved she was all day with the ideas our discussion stirred up in her. It was an interesting, unexpected perspective.
And the children do deserve the poetry. They deserve everything. And I shouldn't have used the word "brats" (although the word fits). It was a little childish and stupid of me. But I'm a human too, and sometimes it just gets to be too much, being treated like an object.
Wouldn't it be something if the powers that be really understood this whole teaching gig?
And don't worry, I'll be myself again today. But I am going to tell the children how I feel. They need to understand that their lives matter, in a lot of ways, including that someone who loves them can lose sleep over them.



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