Friday, December 10, 2004

the journal

Today was as high as Wednesday was low. We read poems (Harlem Renaissance) and talked and opined, and two students from first period stayed for second period and a friendly argument broke out between the first period children and the second period children about which class was better! I had no idea they cared so much. It was a funny and warm and wonderful thing to see, and I've never seen second period so engaged and energetic. In fact, during second period we wrote in our journals after reading some poems and the two boys from first period wrote even though they didn't have to. One of them even wrote a poem about how first period was smarter than second period. (He's the one who recently had a breakthrough, who discovered he "has a brain.") Two girls from second period, who have never (or very seldom) read their journals aloud, read their journals aloud. Everyone was alive. One of the girls, L, wrote this:

"It's unbelievable how human beings of (on) our own can come up with something that everyone can relate to, from the past and present. It's wonderful how you can read a poem of someone else's feelings and feel exactly the same way.
Is it that the poets are intelligent, is it that they're writing what they feel, is it that things that happen to them in their time will happen to us in our time?
Or is it just that every human being goes through the same problems and emotional feelings?"

I asked her if she'd been taught that or something and she said no, she just thought it for the first time when she was writing in her journal today. Ironically, she prefaced her reading aloud by saying that what she wrote doesn't make sense. I told her that doesn't matter, just to read it anyway. And so she did.

Journal writing.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

ms plesh,
you're amazing. I don't even know what else to say..
-Alexis from MHS.

9:15 PM  

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