Monday, December 20, 2004

on holiday

We made it. We teachers were wary on Friday, thinking the cover of order would blow and we'd have chaos in the halls, but it didn't happen. There was a lot of sugar-induced frolicking and carrying-on, but no fires, and only one fight (however, now that I think of it, it was pretty big. I was sitting on the step when our resident NO cop had to go out to his car to get more handcuffs. He said he had six handcuffed inside.) But that fight didn't spark any others, which is a good thing. I have to give it to the security staff and administrators; they kept the halls in enough order but without being heavy-handed about it. There was a happiness in us all. A light-heartedness. It was a wonderful day. The sister of one of my students brought a hundred chicken wings to my class. I had cold drinks and chips and cookies. By the end of the day every edible thing in the room had been consumed, and we cleaned up so as not to keep Mr Chris, the man who maintains my room, from his holiday. The few of my students who had not finished their lists/writing/poems did that between forays into the hall and chips and wings and drinks. And, naturally, I didn't think to bring any of their writings home with me to include in this blog.
I'm hoping during this holiday to go back and read the entire blog and try to see what the big picture is.



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