Friday, February 11, 2005

blog sans title

It's amazing and infinitely interesting to me that the blog I just wrote disappeared. I didn't like what I'd written, and now it's gone, and I don't want to write it again.
In brief, it was me talking about how EN tried to come back in my class today with nary a how do you do or even a little bitty sorry. Just tried to walk in. It was about how that first period class picked up where EN left off and threw profanities and insults around. It was about how they're trying to take me down and about how I'm thinking about going down without a fight. It was about the fact that they've won the day. It was about the fact that I'll get big again on Monday, but what a ridiculous waste of time and energy, of my one and only precious life, and theirs. It was about how I'm talking to myself, and that I know it will interfere with my sleep.
Why did I do this? WHY did I do this?
It was a terrible day. But what's a teacher to do? I cannot say or do the things a regular wronged, insulted human being is allowed to say or do. So I wrote discipline reports. Big fucking deal.



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