Monday, February 21, 2005


This morning I awoke with dreams in my mind about some little things I can do with my students to help them become more literate. When I got to school someone asked me how I was doing. She said I didn't look too good. I feel like a soldier in combat. I guess I wasn't smiling.
I'm determined to do a good job at this school. I feel like I'm coming to understand better who the children are and what they need. I realize I've taken way too much for granted when it comes to, for example, words I'd assumed these children, along with all people, understand.
It was a hard day. There'd been a fight Friday which several boys attempted to rectify today by starting a new fight. I've not seen so much tumult in the halls as I saw today. A lot of cops, a lot of screaming angry words and little fights, including "play" fights, all day. Children swarmed in packs in the halls, including the tall mean girl, who is not mean to me anymore. And she's pregnant, about seven months.
There are several kids per class who still need to pass the English LEAP and so I'm replacing the "do now" time for them with individual remediation.They have the potential to pass this test. I was called down last week by our distinguished educator in residence because I was not doing exercises with the whole class on LEAP strategies. I do understand the strong desire on everyone's parts to help these children pass. I am absolutely one of them. But I think it's wrong to remediate 20 children when only 5 need it. So I'm doing it on the side. However, I might be harrassed for doing it my own way.
I have papers to read tonight and grades to tally. We're finished with the first quarter of the new school year.



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