Sunday, March 06, 2005


I know I've been spotty about writing here these last couple of months. I'm curious about why that is, but I don't feel like thinking about that right now. Instead, I was writing in my journal yesterday and what I wrote is what I want to include here.
Saturday. A baby daddy momma sister baby is a cousin. Even though it's five words instead of one, we know exactly who we're talking about. "Cousin" is vague. Baby daddy momma sister baby cuts straight to how exactly the person in question is related. And there's such a comfortable rhythm to it. I love the way the stream of words swells and rises at "sister," then descends. I find it charming. I don't want to change it. I even told MR Thursday that his piece about the streets had grammatical inconsistencies, but that he should not change a word. It's such a fine piece of writing. Gripping. Real. Correcting the "grammar" (whatever that is) would wash it out and ruin it. I understand and agree with the argument for learning everybodyelsespeak, and I'm teaching it. But I don't want them to lose the power of this language they have.
I know I said this at the end of October, but this time I really feel like I have turned a corner and that everything is going to be alright. And I'm finding myself more and more charmed by these minds they have. I'm charmed by their manner of dress and the way they rough-house with each other and their hair styles and that WR stepped into the hall last week to fart rather than farting in class. I'm charmed by the way LG lets me know how much she values what she's learning about her writing by revising every single thing she writes until it is error free, and how she comes around me without seeming to. I love that MR has discovered that he can write and that he has the voice for a story only he can tell. I love his willingness to face up to what is going on around and in his world. I love that EL always wants to read to me privately the things she writes, and that she wants to read to me, not have me read it to myself. I love how generous these people are with their hearts, even when they're trying to push me away. I love that they keep coming to school, that they still have some kind of hope, that they maybe even believe that they're not the throw away in our society. The fact that they still have that semblance of hope, even if it's naive of them, gives me hope. Their spirits aren't dead.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you told your students about your blog? I know most do not have access to a computer, but do they have one at school? Or even better, you say that some enjoy reading to you, what if you read your pieces to them?

Thank you for being who you are. We all should be so lucky to have a "Plesh" in our lives.

8:05 PM  

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