Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Today was a fine day. I copied the blog into my hard drive.
But that's not the fine part. Today we began Hamlet in my second period. I told the children that they weren't going to understand most of what they read at first, but that we'd talk about it and they'd get it. So the way it's unfolding is we read, I stop us to explain something, then next time we read instead of me stopping us to explain something, I stop us and ask them to figure it out. And they're figuring it out. They're figuring Shakespeare out. Already we have noted quite a few things, not the least of which is Hamlet's dilemma, and his emotional state. Shakespeare is so AWESOME. I haven't included having them write yet because it's a fragile time right now and I have to be careful and handle things right, and not be too businesslike. I have to get them engaged and my gut feeling is that the way to engage them is to back off from writing and even have them back off from reading too hard and just let Shakespeare woo them. I think it would be a fun thing to teach a Shakespeare course and write a year-long blog about that.
I began collecting LEAP scores related to my students today. The results of the spring testing come in in a few weeks. Then I'll have something to say. But I will say, a girl you've read about a lot in here, LG, went from 50 in the fall test on her writing to 75 in the spring test (for seniors) on her writing. That's the lowest possible to the highest possible. It's exciting to be embarking on this quest for empirical evidence.
Anyhoo, I fall more and more in love with this school all the time. Also, it's that time of year for teachers of seniors, when we feel melancholy and already lonely for the children who are about to leave. Every year we have to make goodbyes.
Douglass just cannot let me go.
I'm going to go panee me up some pork chops and heat up a can of Miss Sylvia's lima beans in the olive oil and pork chop debris left in the pan. And also, a couple of weeks ago I brought all those things I disposed of earlier in the year to the Bridge House. It filled the bed of my truck.



Anonymous Cassandra said...

If Douglass doesn't keep you for you just being you (your passion, your love, your genuineness), then they need to keep for your statistical value!

I know nothing about how the actual LEAP numbers/ scores work except for the fact that you have to pass to graduate, but you taught LG to believe in not only herself but her writing - which is much more important than any score. However this score will also mean a lot to her because now she will graduate, right?

7:44 PM  

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