Friday, April 15, 2005

perhaps I was harsh

Okay, perhaps I was harsh. I'm sorry, Mr Amato. I know you were beseiged. I know that every idea you had became a battle, and that every battle was uphill. What I wrote the other day I wrote in the heat of the moment. I wasn't thinking. I was just frustrated. Worse than frustrated. There's probably a word for that. People have pretty much given up on the system, it looks like. Maybe that's the thing to do, let it go, start anew.
I just don't understand how our society can so insult children though. Business people would never for a second consider working in the conditions students are placed in. Everybody was quick to bust Martha Stewart and those other people, many other people, who steal from systems or break the rules. But the children have been languishing for a long time and nobody seems able or smart or willing or loving enough to do anything about it. I really thought Mr Amato would be the one. I'm so disappointed.
I don't want to rant. I just want the children to be loved.
On another note, I don't know how I'll be proceeding. Being one of the last ones hired I'll be one of the first ones fired. Hell, who knows if there will even be a Douglass next year?



Anonymous Cassandra said...

You might have been one of the last ones hired, but you have been one of the strongest ones there. You love the kids and you love being there. Your passion is obvious and you are reaching students. You came from a GOOD SCHOOL and went to an even BETTER school - because this school was in need, which makes them better. They were in better need of a genuine person to come and love to teach and reach out to the kids that few people even give a second look to.

You are in a better school because the kids where you are now not only need help, but are learning to ask for it. The school is better because of you. You are reaching students and teaching them and showing them that there are people out there who care, even if it is just their red-headed freckled English teacher who makes her cello sing and loves to write.

You are amazing Ms. Plesh! Seriously... and I'm grateful that you don't flaunt how bigh and powerful and inspirational and courageous you really are. This lack of "shoving it" towards people makes you more approachable, despite the fact that everyone knows how amazing and wonderful you are -- but you act human and real and genuine and honest, which makes THE HERO WE FIND IN YOU more true to life.

You can reach the untouchables and then make them turn around and give you the second look that they need to change their lives. You reach the kids that most people overlook and you care so deeply about every single student -- you are not like other teachers because you really care and aren't afraid to show it.

If Douglass doesn't keep you on next year, then Douglass isn't ready for you -- they aren't ready for someone who is so comfortable with themself and with his or her abilities that they can just put everything they have on the line and do their job at the same time. It will be Douglass's loss if you don't come back and your students will suffer, but there are millions of places lining up to take you into their schools because having someone like you in their hallways gives their school at least one person who really cares more about the students than they do about anything else!

8:35 PM  
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