Wednesday, May 25, 2005

a request

The school year is over Friday. I can't believe it, of course. It has been a strange end because the kids have gradually quit coming to school ever since LEAP. The year is ending not with a bang but with a whimper. It has been impossible to get closure. And because there's so little to do it feels like I should be home vegetating, recuperating, all that end of the year pathology, but I can't quite yet, yet there's no energy at school to keep me going.
The other day a student, MF, asked me for a list of books she should read, so I gathered a handful that I had and gave them to her yesterday, then wrote her a letter and started the list, but I haven't seen her since and don't know if I will. So the letter and the list are sitting on my desk (folded up inside a copy of The Great Gatsby).
I've had all the time in the world, of course, to pack my room up. Today a teacher came in and sighed. And another came in and said it's almost like I'd never been in the room! It made me sad because I have SO been in that room.
So today I looked at the LEAP scores again and made notes, and my plan is to type up the results (in layman's language) and write a letter and give both to my principal. I don't know how to interpret the results except in the obvious way (4 scores stayed the same, 3 scores dropped, 12 scores rose). And I'm going to just give her that, with names and my commentary, etc. Trying to insure my position for next year. Tomorrow I'm going to look at all the writings I have from the students from all year, and take notes as I look at their work and see what I come up with. Because, for example, the three students whose scores went down doesn't make sense to me at all. So I'm going to look at their writings. Fortunately, I have work from most of the students who are part of this.
I have a request. I think I should write the stories of some of my students, but I don't know whom I should profile or why or what a reader would want to know. Can you help me know? Thank you.
And one last thing before I go watch the third and final championship Jeopardy game. Ken Jennings is 0 for 2. The one last thing is that a teacher in special ed, who came into the teaching fellows program with me and came to Douglass with me, died Sunday. It was a complete surprise. The way we found out is that school hadn't seen or heard from him for three days and a policeman went to his apartment today and found him. It's not foul play, it seems, just natural causes. He was a lovely man and I enjoyed him so much.



Anonymous Cassandra said...

Someone once told me that when I become a teacher to write a list of all of my students in my class(s) periodically because the students that I listed last, were more than likely the students I was not paying the enough attention to - therefore, make yourself pay attention to them now and take the time recognize their stories (even if just mentally). Write a list of all of your students as you first think of them and in the order in which they first come to mind. Then start writing about the students from the bottom of the list up. Write about the students that DON'T stick out in your mind first.

Ms. Plesh: You have told us about a couple of certain students who seem to stick out more than the others, but what about the students who don't stick out as much - what makes them "not stick out" and is there more to their stories than what you telling us by not writing about them in the first place?

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