Friday, January 27, 2006

take these broken wings

Random things from the past three days:
Wednesday a red-shouldered Hawk landed on a light standard next to my truck. The number 10 was printed on the light.
We're reading Romeo and Juliet in my three freshmen classes. Yesterday we came to Benvolio's description of the sunrise, the "golden window of the east" from which Romeo fled in his depression.
This morning, driving down the still trash-strewn Elysian Fields Avenue, I saw a dump truck with stuffed animals strapped to its side and it occurred to me that the driver was saving stuffed animals he found in the storm detritus. Then ten minutes later, crossing the Causeway, I saw "...the worshipped sun peer forth the golden window of the East." During first period, a student who used to live in Chalmette, who had his guitar with him, played "Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night" by the Beatles. A little while later, during fourth period, I saw two bluebirds. This afternoon I saw a FEMA trailer being pulled by a red truck on the interstate as it passed the neighborhood of a friend of mine's house that flooded. He raised exotic birds, kept them in room-sized cages, and loved them. Yesterday I found out that all his birds drowned.
There's a little bitty part in the play in which a servant, who cannot read, bumps into Romeo on the street and asks him to read something for him. The something Romeo reads for the servant is the invitation list to the party Juliet's father is throwing that night, the party, as we know, where the star crossed Romeo and Juliet are fated to meet. One of my students said, "I think the servant's the cause of all the trouble that's going to come because he's the one who let Romeo know about the party." It made me think that perhaps I could make a list of if onlys, and have the students fill in the rest: If only Juliet had not..., If only the nurse had..., If only Lord Capulet were not..., If only Romeo were..., if only, if only, if only. So we could find out that nothing's that easy.
A lot of things struck me today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If only the hurricane had turned.
If only the levees hadn't broken
If only the government had responded faster
If only everyone had evacuated
If only

12:29 AM  

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