Wednesday, June 14, 2006

a matter of perspective

School is over and I've been to Paris and now I am finally really going to settle in on writing again. I've been stymied with the writing of the story of Douglass and I haven't known why until yesterday. Yesterday my friend asked me if I had any trouble last year writing, and I didn't, not really. What she said to that made me gain perspective. She said that last summer, Douglass was still a viable (relatively speaking) school, and ongoing. At that time I was writing the blog and the book to address the plight of the children of New Orleans, and the sad state of the school system. Now there is no Douglass anymore, no 9th ward/lower 9th ward to speak of, almost no New Orleans, so now I see that the job isn't about addressing conditions so that maybe they'll change. Now the job is to be an advocate and tell the story of those children I knew, to say what I learned about them, about what they were given in the name of education, so, I don't know, maybe so the outside world can know a little more of what they were up against. Anyway, now what I'm doing is telling a story about something that happened and is over. It's an entirely different point of view.